Who We Are

OP Web is a web design company that focuses on whole business solutions; culminating in a website that meets our clients’ marketing needs.

What We Do

With expertise in online marketing & lead generation, photography & videography, and web design, we do more than build your website, we help your business efficiently reach your target clients.

How We Do It

We are a small business taking care of small businesses—so we get it! Every business is unique, and our approach to your marketing & design goals will always be uniquely catered to your company & ideal clients.

What we do.

From web design to whole business marketing solutions, OP Web Design is a small business taking care of small businesses.

Web Design

OP Web Design is first & foremost a web design company. We strive to create a site that matches your brand aesthetic & tone, appeals to your target audience, and increases traffic and sales/conversions. But a beautiful website doesn’t do all that on its own. We also offer the below services to get the most out of your web design project.

Marketing Solutions

OP Web Design offers whole business marketing solutions, advancing your web design project. Whether you are only interested in SEO services, or more traditional print collateral. Or you’re looking to immerse your business in social media marketing, lead generation, newsletter conversions, or course creation—we have done it all and know what works best!


We implement the best marketing strategies for your brand and business plan. No company does it all, and no brand markets to everyone. We want to focus on your current marketing strategy & existing clients, and discuss where you want to be in the future—to determine the best solutions to get you there.

Photography & Videos

Websites are only as good as their imagery. We are obviously living in a visual world, and new photos or videos showcasing your staff, products and workspace will legitimize your business and make your entire brand more approachable. Our photo & video services focus on modern aesthetics that remain cohesive with your brand & tone.


OP Web Design offers photo & video services for web design packages, but don’t feel like you have to get your photos done with us. If you have existing imagery that needs editing or reformatting to work with your new site, we are happy to work with any high-quality, large format images and videos.


OP Web is a web design company that focuses on whole business marketing solutions, so you get the most out of your new website.


Recently relocated to San Diego, CA we are interested in working with local, small businesses that are ready to increase their site traffic and conversion rates, and want a modern website that accurately represents their brand and prospective clients. If this sounds like you, feel free to get in touch to discuss your upcoming project.


OP Web Design is made up of Ollie Paterson & Niki Beckman, a husband+wife team with expertise in design, photography & videography, and online marketing. We understand that small businesses are a reflection of ourselves, and every project requires a unique approach to ensure that we reflect your brand accurately & authentically.


Check out some of our favorite client projects.

If you are ready for, or still considering, a new website for your small business call, email, or complete the below contact form to discuss your company and upcoming project.


Our quotes are always free, and we’re happy to chat about what you are looking for, and come up with the best solutions for your marketing plan & budget.