Waves Surf School

Sydney-based Surf Camp & Tours

Project Objectives

After a change in ownership, Waves Surf School wanted an updated and informational website to appeal to new clients—which adhered to the original and easily-recognized branding & marketing collateral—to maintain relationships with booking agents & returning clients.

Utilize Original Branding

Waves wanted to keep existing print marketing to maintain sales chains, but needed an updated site that was user-friendly and appealed to a new generation of guests.

Advanced SEO Services & Google Rankings

Waves needed higher search engine rankings to encourage direct, online bookings.

Customized Booking Forms

To increase direct bookings and site efficiency, OP Web Design custom-built booking platforms to suit Waves' tour offerings.

Responsive Design

Most of Waves' clients are traveling around Australia without regular access to a laptop or desktop. We designed a mobile responsive site & booking forms to make it easier for guests to book their surf trip.

Company & Project Overview

Waves Surf School has been operating instructor-led Surf Trips and Surf Camps since 1999. With teaching methods to cater to beginners & advanced surfers alike, their guests are riding waves and enjoying the laid-back Aussie surf lifestyle.

OP Web Design created an updated website with modern functionality that adhered to the original branding. The site and print marketing are easily-recognizable to both booking agents and new guests; keeping sales chains intact and growing the company’s client-base.


A new generation of guests requires a new generation of technology, and the mobile responsive site is staying at the top of their Google rankings. Customized booking platforms make direct bookings easy & efficient, for both guests & Waves Surf School.